Synchronising your Nokia N95 with "Google Calendar"

Another point which costed me some time, was synchronisation with "Google Calendar". One can find many posts, saying that Google offers "GoogleSync" for it. Others say, that only "Mail for Exchange" will do it. That's the right answer. Forget about "GoogleSync", it's dead. Google stopped sync-service via SyncML at the beginning of this year (2013).

"Mail for Exchange" is a free application (as of September 2013), which is available from "Ovi Store" for download. Install it on your phone, configure it and get your appointments from "Google Calendar".

Update 06.10.2013: it looks like server "m.google.com", which is used as Exchange-Server in "Mail for Exchange", is available tu business users only (who use Google Apps via enterprise accounts). Hmmm... I'm not amused... I will check for another synchronisation options... Eventually with other calendar services... Google is not the only mail/calendar service in the world.

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