Thinkpad T60p: GPU driver for Windows 7

Hello @all,

while installing Windows 7 on my new Thinkpad T60p, I found out that there was no Win7-driver for the GPU "ATI FireGL V5200". Solution: use latest driver available (WinXP? Vista?) and install it in compatibility mode. See this post for details (in German!):




New laptop: Thinkpad T60p

After several days of considerations I decided to replace my laptop T43p, which served me last 6,5 years, with a "new" one - T60p, with UXGA display (15 inch, 1600 x 1200) and ATI graphic adapter. I bought it on eBay for 169€. I plan to install Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.10 on it.

Synchronising your Nokia N95 with "Google Calendar"

Another point which costed me some time, was synchronisation with "Google Calendar". One can find many posts, saying that Google offers "GoogleSync" for it. Others say, that only "Mail for Exchange" will do it. That's the right answer. Forget about "GoogleSync", it's dead. Google stopped sync-service via SyncML at the beginning of this year (2013).

"Mail for Exchange" is a free application (as of September 2013), which is available from "Ovi Store" for download. Install it on your phone, configure it and get your appointments from "Google Calendar".

Update 06.10.2013: it looks like server "m.google.com", which is used as Exchange-Server in "Mail for Exchange", is available tu business users only (who use Google Apps via enterprise accounts). Hmmm... I'm not amused... I will check for another synchronisation options... Eventually with other calendar services... Google is not the only mail/calendar service in the world.

Setting up VoIP on Nokia N95

Some time ago I spent several days trying to configure VoIP functionality of my N95. I installed different aditional software, I registered myself for different VoIP-providers - no chance. Yes, I also tried built-in software. No way, it simply didn't work. I finally I found nice and short manual about VoIP-configuration on the example of "Internetcalls". Following that manual, I could configure my N95 for VoIP.

So, here are steps:
Step 1: configure your SIP-connections
"Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> SIP Settings": here you define your SIP profile(s), which later will be used for the phone calls. In my case - I also use "Internetcalls" and "CheapVOPI" - I had to create 2 of them. Important note: don't forget "Domain" field, it seems to be very important. In the case of "internetcalls"/"CheapVOIP" it's "internetcalls.com" or "cheapvoip.com". The rest of the seeting you should get from your provider. Anothe point: field "public user name" doesn't have to be a real phone number (so-called "outbound number), which usually costs money). It also can be a string in format @

Step 2: configure your telephone profiles
"Menu -> Tools -> Settings -> Connection -> Internet tel.": here you just define profiles (set of settings like ussed codecs), which use your SIP profiles for calls. Actually, here I changed nothing except for name.

Step 3: make calls
"Menu -> Tools -> Connectivity -> Internet tel.": this is an application to make internet calls. When you start it, it connects (registers) all available profiles, and you can do internet calls using menu item "Internet call" on the contacts. Here I have to admit, that I have no idea why it connects all profiles (if you several of them), and which one is used "by default". Since I know exactly, which one I need, I simply start application again, and when it asks about disconnecting profiles, I confirm it for the undesired one (and keep right one connected).

That's all. If you have questions, just ask.