Home desktop: perfect hardware set


recently I asked my self a question: what does any average user need for his/her home desktop/laptop? I just analyzed what I have and tried to create a kind of "must-have"-list of hardware devices I regularly use. My laptop is Thinkpad T43p (2668 PEG).

So, here comes what I have:
1) Thinkpad T43p;
2) external drive "Western Digital", 2,5", 250 GB (130 GB are even not formatted so far);
3) Bluetooth mouse by Lenovo - with Thinkpad logo, black. Matches perfectly my T43p. :-)
4) Logitech QuickCam Chat;
5) speakers Logitech Z10 - quite expensive, but - again - match my T43p. Black and stylish... :-)

I think, that's all so far. Of course, I have a couple of PC cards (like network interface, WLAN or USB hub), but I use them very-very rarely.

What do you use at home? Put your favorite hardware in responses, let's create a TOP 10 of home peripherals. :-)


Update (24.02.2009): I forgott to mention my external card reader and - newly purchased at eBay - colour printer Olivetti Simple Way with Bluetooth module.

Update (12.04.2009): here are some photos of my desk.
My desktop / T43p & Co.

Update (22.09.2009): recently I bought two new pieces - wireless desktop set Labtec Edge and IBM Port Replicator II. I want to post updated photos and short review ofn them soon... See my posts in September...