Добавлены новые альбомы

Я добавил новые альбомы в свою фото-страничку. Будет время - заходите!

New albums were added

Recently I added several new albums to my web photo-hosting. Have a lot of fun!


CX75 under Linux

Hello everybody.

Recently I bought a new cell phone - Siemens CX75. I like it, and I will review it in some time here, in the blog. But today I would like to tell you how I could connect him to my laptop using data cable DCA-510. It allowed me to address the phone itself (address book, SMS, modem) and also reach the memory of the phone (folder "Data" and MMC card). There are a couple of steps to be done:

1) connect the phone to PC using data cable;
2) as root issue the following command:
modprobe pl2303
this must create a node "/dev/ttyUSB0". Check it by typing "ls -la /dev/ttyUSB*";
now you have your phone (as communication device) connected to that port. You may use it as modem, you may send SMS using "kmobiletools", for instance.

Next steps will help you to mount the memory of your phone as directory.
3) create mount point /mnt/cx75;
4) open Synaptic and install packages "fuse-utils" and "libfuse-dev". Check that package "libfuse2" is installed too;
5) go to the page http://chaos.allsiemens.com/siefs/ and install SieFS following the instructions on the page;
6) issue
modprobe fuse
7) issue the command
mount -t siefs /dev/ttyUSB0 /mnt/cx75
Noe you are able to use the memory of the phone as storage media - copy images, music or other files.

Below I post my scripts to mount and unmount my phone:

# Mounting
echo "Loading module pl2303..."
modprobe pl2303
echo "Loading module fuse..."
modprobe fuse
echo "Mounting CX75..."
mount -t siefs /dev/ttyUSB0 /mnt/cx75
cd /mnt/cx75

# Unmounting
echo "Unmounting CX75..."
umount -t siefs /mnt/cx75
echo "Unloading modules..."
rmmod pl2303
rmmod fuse
cd /home/andrey

Open issues/problems:
1) when you try to mount it second tme, it returns "input/output error", when trying to get the list of files (command "dir");
2) the folder - when mounted - is not accessible by ordinary users, since it is mounted by root. Permissions must be corrected properly. RESOLVED, see further in the text;
3) access via Bluetooth: is described here, but I couldn't get it to work. Must be done soon - although the data cable seems to be faster than BT.

I've purchased already RS-MMC card and I will try to fix those issues as soon as possible. Then I will be able to access my phone both under Linux and WinXP!


05.12.2007: I think, I resolved an issue with access permissions. Just add in the very end of the "mount" command the following:
-O rw,umask=007,gid=[your group ID],uid=[your user ID]. Actually, you say that you enable reading and writing to the file system, and the owner is the user with given user ID. Since I'm the only user of my laptop, I put there my user ID. Decide it for yourself.

In this way I could access my phone, move the photos into my home and then delete them. And the owner was me, and not root.


XUbuntu on Acer Extensa 500T


just wanted to report about my experience with installing XUbuntu
on a very old laptop Acer Extensa 500T.

(1) Description of the laptop
CPU: Pentium II with MMX, 233 MHz
RAM: 96 MB
HDD: 12 GB
CD-ROM: 20x
Network card: FiberLine Combo, PCMCIA, 10 MBit/sec

(2) Installation
I downloaded an alternate installation CD from the site of
XUbuntu, because the small amount of RAM did not let to start the
installation in the standard - graphical - mode. With this CD it
worked. Just worked. It was awfully slow, the system occupied
roughly 256 MB for the swap (what actually violates the standard
rule: SWAP = 2 x RAM), but I could install everything properly.
Sound, video, drives... Even that old PCMCIA card worked...

So, if you own this old, but quite reliable (except lid and
hinges!!!!!) laptop, give him a second life by installing
XUbuntu. His power is sufficient for surfing in the Internet and
reading mails.