Ovation to "TestDisk" software

Hello @all,

several months ago I occasionally deleted very important partition of my hard drive. I found software called "TestDisk" (http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk), and I managed to recover my data. Thanks to the authors of that cool software!



OviStore client for N95: problems with installation

Hello @all,

today I tried to update an app "Download!" on my N95. Actually, it had to be replaced by an "Ovi Store" cleint, but installation failed with a message "unknown error: -12". I searched for an older version of a client (or, better to say, for the version which was intended exactly for N95), and I found it here: http://www.symbiantweet.com/download-ovi-store-client/. Unfortuntaelly, the installation of version 1.05 failed also.

I don't have time and interest right now to fight with this problem further. Maybe, later... but not now... 


Mein neues Handy: Nokia N95

Hallo @all,

nachdem mein Versuch, bei eBay Nokia E72 zu kaufen, grandios gescheitert war, habe ich zum Geburtstag was anderes besorgt: Nokia N95. Das Gerät ist ja schon ziemlich alt (vom 2007 oder so), ist aber für mich ganz gut.

In den nächsten Tagen werde ich ein kleinen Bericht über Konfiguration von VOIP/Internettelefonie auf dem Gerät verfassen. Es ist nicht so einfach...